Announcing Curious Adventure 2020 | #curiousadventure

Something I did for the first time this year, 2019, to spark a little light in my reading was a nonfiction reading challenge. Just the idea of it seemed novel, when most reading challenges I’d seen were fiction-oriented. Initially I planned this simply as a personal game, but being met with interest – I decided to extend the invitation. This year I have specifically sought to design a nonfiction reading challenge with an open invitation to participate. Below follows all of the information related to Curious Adventure!

– A year long nonfiction reading challenge for 2020
– 12 challenges to check off
– You can do them in any order you like (I will be following the order they are listed below)
– You decide how to interpret the challenges (there are no right or wrongs)

– Use the hashtag #curiousadventure on the social platform of your choice (I will be active on youtube and instagram myself, feel free to log your progress wherever you prefer)
– Read the books, share your progress! Congrats, you are participating!

1. Read about a local celebrity/speciality (you choose the level of locality)

2. Read about an experience different from your own (e.g. religion, sexuality, living w. a chronic illness, being a mother, professional athlete. Anything different from your circumstances!)

3. Celebrate something you love by learning more about it (e.g. hobby, place, music genre, brand.)

4. Read a collection of short writings that have (in part) previously been published elsewhere OR read a book & an article the author has written for a media outlet around the same topic.

5. Read a book about an activity/craft and then go try that thing out (Anything connecting what you are reading to a real life experience.)

6. Browse in a nonfiction shelf of your choice (bookstore, library, online, a friends, etc.) and choose a book you’ve either never heard of or something that grabs your attention.

7. Time travel: if you could live in any era, which would it be? Read a book about some aspect of it.

8. Pick up a nonfiction & fiction pair on any topic/theme to read together.

9. Dig deeper into your past: pick up a book somehow related to your childhood/growing up (e.g. an idol you had, a sport you played, a tv-show you watched. Anything that makes you feel nostalgic.)

10. Read a graphic nonfiction! (memoir/biography/picture book/history/etc.)

11. Explore a new-to-you press/publisher of nonfiction (or one you haven’t read much from. Bonus point for indie press!)

12. Adventures help us learn about the world but equally about ourselves: pick up a book that reminds you of yourself/allows you to self-reflect (e.g. self-help, psychology, neuroscience, memoirs or essays about similar experiences/topics close to your heart, etc.)

If you want to hear me talk more about each of the challenges and expand on some of my suggestions for ways to interpret them, I have also made a full-video talking about #CURIOUSADVENTURE at length – you can find it here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the comments section below.

Until next time, happy reading!

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